kaross (plural karosses)

  1. A treated animal-skin cloak with the hair still left on.
    “For the first two years, of life a baby was carried in a carrier, lined with absorbent grass, inside her kaross, (a treated animal skin made into a cape…)” 1996:E Hausen:Human History at the Crossroads Bergin Garvey/Greenwood ISBN 0897894839
  2. A blanket of treated animal-skin with the hair left on.
    “Our bedroom had a sweeping view of the water and clean sheets and towels had been laid out for us on a kaross of jackal pelts.” 1992:Cry of the Kalahari Mark Owens, Delia Cwens, Mark Cwens, Cordelia Dykes Owens Houghton Mifflin Books ISBN 0395647800

6 letters in word "kaross": A K O R S S.

No anagrams for kaross found in this word list.

Words found within kaross:

ar ark arks ars as ask askos asks ass ka kas ko koa koas kor kora koras kors kos koss ksar ksars oak oaks oar oars oka okas okra okras or ora ors os osar ossa ras rok roks sar sark sarks saros sars ska skas so soak soaks soar soars sora soras sos

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